Manufacturing process of E-paper display 2024 edition

¡Explain E-paper display manufacturing process by illustration
¡Full-cover from basic process to next generation process
¡Cover structure, dislaying mechanism, manufacturing process

¡Easy to look at the file using any PC because of the format of browser, for example IE (Internet Explorer)
¡Possible to access at will from Index Page to detail page
¡Describe these illustrations at 3D image

¡Number of total file are 108 (about 200 page in A4 form equivalent)
¡Illustrations of device structure and process flow are approximately 410


¡Structure, dislaying mechanism, and manufacturing process (general theory) of E-paper display

Charged toner type
œMicrocapsule type electrophoretic display
@ Segment panel, PM-panel, AM-panel, Full-color AM-panel, Front driving type

œToner moving type display
@ Segment panel, PM-panel, AM-panel, Color PM-panel, Color AM-panel

œIn-plane type electrophoretic display
@ AM-panel, Full-color AM-panel

œColor liquid type electrophoretic display
Segment panel, PM-panel, AM-panel, Full-color PM-panel, Full-color AM-panel (R, G, B independent method, CF method)

œHybrid-plane type electrophoretic display
@ Reflective display (AM-panel, Full-color AM-panel), Full-color reflective display by using PL phenomenon

œTwisting-ball type display
@ Segment panel/PM-panel

Liquid crystal display (LCD) type
œPolymer network LCD
@ PM-panel, AM-panel
œCholesteric LCD
@ PM-panel, Color PM-panel (Stacked layer type, single layer type)

œFerroelectric LCD
@ PM-panel

Electrochemistry type @
œElectrolytic precipitation type display
@ PM-panel, Color PM-panel

œOrganic electrochromic display
PM-panel, Color PM-panel, Color AM-panel

œInorganic electrochromic display
@ PM-panel, Multi-color PM-panel

œHybrid electrochromic display
@ PM-panel

Electrowetting display (EWD) type
@PM-panel, Color PM-panel with CF, Color AM-panel with CF, R, G, B independent color PM-panel, R, G, B independent color AM-panel, Color AM-panel with COA

¡Pocess flow of E-paper display (particular theory)@@
œForming process of transparent electrode
œForming process of metal electrode @
œForming process of TFT (a-Si TFT, IGZO-TFT, Organic-TFT)@@

œForming process of black matrix (BM)
œForming process of coloring layer
œForming process of overcoat layer
œPatterning process of R, G, B-PL layer

œForming process of insulator layer
œForming process of rib
œForming process of bank
œInjection process of LC material
œFilling process of Ch-LC material
œForming process of R, G, B Ch-LC layer
œPatterning process of R, G, B sub-pixel
œDropping process of R, G, B color oil
œFilling process of dispersion liquid
œFilling process of electrolyte
œFilling process of toner
œDeposition process of inorganic alignment film

œForming process of seal layer
œForming process of post-spacer
œDispersion process of spacer-ball
œPolymer network process

¡What's structure color H

¡A word of caution in manufacturing of display with flexible substrate

£Panel structure of EWD

£Process flow of microcapsule type electrophoretic display

£Forming process of R, G, B Ch-LC layer

£Dropping process of R, G, B color ink

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